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Jane Foster
Jane Foster
Birth Earth
Race Human
Films Thor
Thor: The Dark World
Portrayed by Natalie Portman

Jane Foster is an American astrophysicist closely working with Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis.


Discovering ThorEdit

Jane Foster, her mentor Erik Selvig and her intern Darcy Lewis were studying peculiar activity in the atmosphere above the Puente Antiguo region in New Mexico, when Jane discovered a pattern in the atmospheric disturbances that had occured. Traveling in their van to the location where Jane predicted the next disturbance would be visible, the group eventually noticed that their prediction was true when the atmosphere started changing. Grabbing her camera and telling Darcy to drive towards it, the disturbance quickly started to become more severe, and Darcy quickly turned the other way. Jane tried to stop her, grabbing the wheel and turning it back, while Darcy struggled to steer it away. Neither of them noticed that a man was standing near where something from the cosmos hit the Earth, and they accidentally rammed into him.[1]

Luckily for Jane, the man survived the impact and swiftly stood back on his feet. The man started yelling towards the sky and asking the group what realm he was in, until Darcy pointed her tazergun at him. The man called himself Thor, before Darcy tazed him in panic. Jane, Erik and Darcy hurried Thor to the nearest hospital, and returned to their lab in Puente Antiguo.[1]


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